The mission of The Arizona Bowl is to provide world-class experiences for college student-athletes, fans, and the local community, culminating in a nationally recognized college football competition. The Arizona Bowl is a non-profit organization that strives to inspire youth, engage the community, support local charities, and create positive economic impact in Southern Arizona.


In 2015, the Arizona Bowl became one of three new bowl games sanctioned by the NCAA. Founded by Arizona Sports and Entertainment Commission (ASEC), Alan Young, Kemp Ellis, Nikki Balich, Mark Irvin, Ali Farhang, and Fletcher McCusker, the Mountain West Conference, and Campus Insiders in a joint venture, the inaugural game was held on December 29, 2015.

Now, each year football fans and enthusiasts come together to support the bowl-eligible teams to see who will win the championship.

Supported by various sponsors, partners, and organizations, The Arizona Bowl makes an economic impact every year in Southern Arizona. Now with a national TV partner, football fans from around the nation can be part of the excitement.

Coming Soon….exciting information about the 2024 Arizona Bowl!

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Ali Farhang

Farhang & Medcoff

Mark Irvin

Mark Irvin Commercial Real Estate

Fletcher McCusker

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The Arizona Bowl is supported by strong, dedicated individuals and partners who stand behind us to make a difference.

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