Tickets to the 2022 Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl are now available. Do you have questions? We have the answers you need!

Can I Tailgate?

Individual tailgating is NOT permitted, so please plan on attending the Barstool Sports Tailgate Festival for your pregame fun

What Time is the Game?

Kickoff is at 2:30 pm on Friday, December 30.

Can I Bring in Food and Drinks?

No. The only exception is unopened bottles of water. No coolers are permitted.

Can I Reenter the Facility?

Arizona Stadium does not have a re-entry policy. If you leave the stadium, you will need to purchase a new ticket.

Do You Offer Seating for Disabled Patrons?

Yes. Wheelchair seating is available at all ticket venues. We encourage you to make arrangements for special accommodations prior to the game.

Do Children Need a Ticket?

Children two years old and younger do not need a ticket. Those who are three years or older will require a ticket for their own individual seat.

Can I Get a Refund?

No refunds or exchanges for tickets are permitted.